About Spottible

We created Spottible to solve one problem: to make it easy to record and share places with family and friends.
Spottible was designed by passionate travelers who prefer word-of-mouth recommendations over guidebooks and strangers' reviews online. We thought: since we take photos with smartphones - both at home and on the road - why not automatically tag and organize the places we visit? And when we're overseas, why not make both maps and places available offline? And for those who prefer not to automatically share places with a few hundred 'friends', why not let users control their privacy?
As a result, Spottible automatically tags places you add on your mobile phone. It works completely offline. Its places and collections are private by default, with options to share with your friends or, if you prefer, with everyone.
Spottible was started in January 2013 in New York City.
We'd love to hear what you think! You can contact the team here.